Help to stop gender discrimination

A letter by Anna Krylov, Emily Carter and Laura Gagliardi:

Dear Colleague:

It happened again —¬† another major theoretical chemistry conference features an all-male program. One of us began boycotting such conferences 14 years ago and can’t believe that 14 years later we are still seeing such overt discrimination. This time it is the 15th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry (ICQC,¬† conducted under the auspices of International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science¬† (, which will be held in Beijing, China. As of 02/15/204, the program features 24 invited speakers and 5 chairs and honorary chairs and does not include a single woman.

Are there no women in theoretical chemistry? Hardly. The Women in Theoretical Chemistry web-directory ( lists more than 300 female scientists holding tenured and tenure track academic positions or equivalent positions in industry and other research establishments pursuing research in theoretical and computational chemistry, biochemistry, material science, as well as theoretical molecular/atomic physics and biophysics. Many of these women are far more distinguished than many of the men being invited to speak at these conferences.

Feeling as fed up and frustrated as we do? Add your voice to ours by signing this open letter ( denouncing this biased practice, which we had hoped would be obsolete long ago (it will take less than a minute).

Thank you for your for your support.

Prof. Emily Carter, Princeton University
Prof. Laura Gagliardi, University of Minnesota
Prof. Anna Krylov, University of Southern California

An additional comment by Chris Cramer can be read here