Postdoctoral position – Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

A postdoctoral position in Computational Chemistry at Prof. Natália Cordeiro‘s group (Universidade do Porto, Portugal) is available. The title of the project is “Molecular Simulation of Sol-Gel Synthesis of Nanoparticles”.

Work plan: Under the project, the fellow will perform molecular dynamics simulations of sol-gel synthesis of nanoparticles considering the design of new materials for molecular imprinting, as well as the development of theoretical methods for this type of simulations. The techniques used will include: force fields of the Lennard-Jones type, or ReaxFF; Morse and harmonic potentials. Therefore, the candidate should have experience and skills suitable for the application of methods involving several types of potentials and also experience in molecular dynamics simulations.

Candidate’s profile:

The fellowship is designated for holders of a Ph.D. in Material Sciences, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, or a similar discipline, with curriculum adequate for the work to be performed. The candidate will be chosen based on the following criteria:
• Indicators of scientific production, such as publications, conference presentations, books etc.
• Additional experience (courses, training etc.)
• Expertise in molecular dynamics (with preference given to the users of the GROMACS or LAMMPS)
• Programming skills.

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… or contact with Prof. Cordeiro by email at ncordeir (at) before 8th Dec.